4 Frightful Metal Signs to Decor Your House for Halloween Night.

4 Frightful Unique Metal Signs to Decor Your House for Halloween Night.

The spooky season of the year is approaching, you may start shopping for Halloween already. With our help, you won’t be the only one dressing up for Halloween but your house too. Read through our five Halloween decoration metal signs for some ideas to cover your home with Halloween spirit.

  1. Giant Spooky Spider  (https://afcultures.com/collections/halloween-metal-sign-1/products/mbi015-spooky-spider-halloween-metal-wall-art )

One is creepy, but a cluster of huge, scary spiders is spine-chilling! This Halloween spider is perfect for decorating large spaces like a holiday mantel, fireplace, or front door. What makes this spider more special is that the text is customizable, you can write anything on it. We also offer different sizes of the spider and they are made from 16 gauge steel thick to against external force but light enough to be easily hung.

  1. Black Cat with Bloody Knife (https://afcultures.com/collections/halloween-metal-sign-1/products/vbi021-black-cat-custom-name-halloween-metal-sign-personalized-name-family-sign-best-halloween-wall-hangings )

Black cats and Halloween go together like pumpkin spice and fall. In fact, black cats have a long history with magic, bad luck, and all things spooky. 

Seeing a display of a cat at the front door will make anyone who adores felines instantly appreciate the holiday. This cat silhouette metal sign is very simple but manages to be the perfect mix of spooky and creepy- exactly right for Halloween. 

If you're a cat-lover, this great decoration can be hung up on your wall year-round.

  1. Zombie rise

(https://afcultures.com/collections/halloween-metal-sign-1/products/vbh087-zombies-rise-personalized-halloween-metal-art-sign )

Zombies, the walking dead are ever-popular and there is no reason you should forget about them on Halloween. There is no fallout shelter, this custom sign will perfectly add a creepy factor to your space. Simply stand it on your fireplace against the wall with cobwebs or some blood stains to create a horror sight for your guest once they enter the house.

  1. Horror movie characters (https://afcultures.com/collections/halloween-metal-sign-1/products/hbg028-come-and-join-us-halloween-metal-wall-art )

The neighbors will slow down to spot each of these famous horror movie characters. You can stand in on your window frame or hide it around the yard, garden for a bone-chilling view. 

Take your pick and shop today to get it delivered by Halloween.

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