All About Afcultures Powder Coating

What exactly is powder coating? 

Powder coating is a dry coating procedure that is mostly used on industrial equipment as a metal finish. A method is used to produce the powder coating as a dry powder, which is subsequently cured using heat. It is well-known for producing high-quality finishes, both functionally and aesthetically which is easily realizable through Afcultures custom art sign. Many items made by a variety of materials are now powder coated such as steel, wood, plastic,...

How does powder coating work?

Polymer resin systems are blended with pigments, leveling agents, flow modifiers, and other materials to create powder coatings. We melt these ingredients together, cooled, and milled into a fine powder that resembles baking flour. Then a power sprayer is used to apply the color powder electrostatically. After the powder coating is applied, our art signs are placed in a curing oven, where the heat causes the coating to chemically react, resulting in long molecular chains and a high cross-link density. This provides a positive charge to the powder, which sticks it to the ground metal surface. These hard-to-break molecular chains are the main reason why Afcultures art signs are extremely stable with time.

 Types of powder coating

There are two main types of powder coatings: thermosets and thermoplastics. Thermoset powder is distinct in that once cured, it develops chemical linkages, making it hard to recycle. Because of the linkages, it may be used in high-heat environments without melting. While this method seems to be cheaper but contains lots of deficiencies, in Afcultures we use a high-quality method and eviroment friendly that is thermoplastics. Thermoplastic powder coating finishes become liquid and incredibly supple when heated. This breaks down chemical bonds. As a result of this process, the powder coating is changeable and renewable. In comparison to thermoset coatings, thermoplastic coatings are thicker and hence more durable.

Powder coating with Afcultures Metal Sign

Durability: Our powder coating is more durable than most other options when it comes to the finish. With paint, fading is an issue, but powder coating may help reduce the fading and keep our signs looking excellent for years. When the powder cures, it forms chemical connections, resulting in a flexible, long-lasting finish. Powder-coated elements are incredibly stainless steel, cracking, and rubbing.

Longevity: Afcultures custom signs are simple to maintain, requiring no special chemicals or cleansers. There's no need to worry about rust or other cleaning-related damage in this customized art because these coatings are so resistant to corrosion and damage. The coat's resistance to extreme weather and external conditions is ensured by the thermal bonding procedure. Our items are powder-coated, cleaning them properly with mild washing and water will preserve the color. This simple cleaning allows you to keep their pieces for a long time and do routine maintenance whenever necessary without having to worry about water or scrubbing damage.

Environmental safety: On top of everything else, the powder is considered safe to use and dispose of since it is free of harmful compounds and solvents, this is the reason why we opt for this type of finishing. There are no toxic chemicals released from these decorations into the air. When the dry powder is sprayed, it usually travels right to the metal, and powder that gets into the air is easier to clean up. After careful consideration, our metal signs are always on top of the list. 

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