How to Decor Your House in Hunting Style

How to Decor Your House in Hunting Style

It’s the hunting season of the year, let’s dress your space with a cozy and warm theme to reignite the passion for hunting. Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, or even bathrooms can all be decorated in hunting style that showcases your pride. 

Below are some simple steps and tips for you to cover your home in a rustic look of hunting style

  • Choose a room to focus on
  • It's not always possible to put your ideas together and find the ideal pieces for your spaces all at once, so you may choose to prioritize certain areas over others. We will have a tour from the indoors to the outdoors.

    Front Entryway

    A beautiful and well-organized entryway will make a home feel more inviting. The basket under the seat is for hats and scarves. The antler coat hooks work with the entryway's hunting theme. They are the ideal size for hanging outerwear items. The eye-catching welcome sign on the wall is a forest silhouette scene with a troop of deers.

    Living Spaces

    The main living space is most likely where you gather and relax after a long day of hunting. You want this space to be comfortable and welcoming, and an area allows your family and guest to truly feel at home. 

    You can layer a new sisal rug with leather, wicker, wood, and linen to create a stylish and personal rustic space. Mounting some faux deer head on the wall, above your mantel, placing a metal sign of a forest scene with your custom name would add the finishing touches.


    Kitchen spaces are often a place for everyone to gather in and around while you process and prepare the food you just gathered. Make sure your kitchen is a part of your hunting style decor too. You can opt for some simple lines, organic materials with an exquisite deer sign.


    The hunting and camouflage theme for bedrooms is simple. If you have recycled hunting items, they will make a unique decorative addition. For example, you can re-purpose an old fishing pole and use it as a picture hanger. The easiest way of decor bedding is with camouflage pattern comforter, pillow shams, rugs, and curtain with other matching accessories. Don’t forget about faux-mounted animals and unique moose/deer heads sign.

    Outdoor Living Areas

    Don’t neglect your outdoor patios and decks either. These are excellent gathering places and should have the same basic creature comforts you have indoors as well. Places to sit, lounge, and place food or drinks make it a welcoming space. Also consider heating elements, such as radiating heat lamps to keep everyone cozy during the collider months.

  • What to add & how to decorate
  • Consider some of the following suggestions when selecting what to add and how to decorate. Don't be afraid to try out different genres or add pops of color into a more rustic atmosphere. And the most important is to make it feel as comfortable as possible.


    Be sure to pick furniture that is both comfy and complements the decor of your home. If your natural lighting is dim and your walls are dark, use lighter-colored furniture and avoid patterns to create a brighter, less cluttered space. Big items, dark wood and leather, and patterns breathe new life into bright or warm-toned spaces.


    Even though wooden flooring is often coveted, consider something different. You can add decorative rugs to compliment the colors in your space and provide a contrast to the warmth of the wood.

    Color Themes

    Keep the color themes as warm and cozy as possible such as using low, glowing lights, wooden textures, and warm color palettes. Decor items in deep oranges, some black and brown would be perfect for hunting style. Avoid deep reds, blues, and greens because they make your space seem dark and shadowy. 


    Build large windows to take advantage of nature lights. Also, the lighting systems for your place should dispel corner shadows and allow you to see things clearly. 

  • Why choose metal wall art
  • If you are looking for decor that makes a statement, consider Afcultures metal signs!

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