How to Spruce Up Your Living Room in 5 Steps

The living room is the most important space in the home as it’s the place your family spends time together, your guests mingle as they visit. Therefore, it should be decor with the utmost care and enthusiasm. Redecorating your living room might be a daunting task but no worries, Afcultures will walk you through 5 basic steps that’ll help your living room look fresh and stylish.

1. Establish Your Intentions

How to Spruce Up Your Living Room in 5 Steps

When starting decor your living room, it’s important to identify what the living room entails for you. Maybe you have a large family with a lot of social gatherings at home or you are a single person with just the most basic requirements for living room items. After that, make a list of furniture you need to spruce up your living room but remember, you can reuse items from other rooms that work better in your living room. 

Tip: You can even repaint furniture to bring it in line with your room theme if you come across awesome items but don’t quite match your existing palette.

2. Declutter Your Living Room

The living room is the most easy-to-mess area because it is a high-traffic area that accumulates a lot of personal belongings such as backpacks, magazine racks, and many other entertainment items. Once you’ve cleaned up the space, it will give your space a completely new look that you can relax in. Lift things off the floor and put it on shelves, get built-in storage such as coffee tables with drawers and ottoman footstools all these items aim to create the illusion of a larger and more well-organized space.  

How to Spruce Up Your Living Room in 5 Steps

3. Focus On Your Aesthetic

There are a lot of options of furniture to choose from but keep in mind your style and requirements. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a specific decor style such as modern, contemporary, or farmhouse, you need to stick to that plan and leave out other options while shopping. Remember to check the size, material, dimensions so it can fit well in your space.

How to Spruce Up Your Living Room in 5 Steps

4. Get The Right Lighting

One of the most underrated elements in interior design is lighting. Large windows with natural light are lovely but artificial light can also complement your space in a unique way. You can choose different types of lamps such as wall lamps, ceiling lights, or floor lamps and also consider the intensity of the light. Maybe you might want to mix soft lighting with bright spotlights for a warm ambiance for the evenings and brightness for the daytime. Nonetheless, you should avoid making your room an over-lit theatre with too many layering lights.

How to Spruce Up Your Living Room in 5 Steps5. Wall Art Is Essential

A bare wall can be nice for ultra-minimal design but it can be dull. Decorative items are like jewelry for the room. These items truly bring the space up a notch in terms of style. Again, stick to your overall theme when selecting your wall art. When it comes to wall decorations, keep in mind that they are typically profoundly personal decisions that speak to your personality.

Here are some durable metal wall arts from AFCULTURES for you to add your personal touch to your living room.

So how are you decorating your living room?

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