Metal Art Bird Is Totally Safe For Your Tree That Is Our Guarantee

You’re wondering if hanging metal birds can damage your tree? This is the answer for you. 

As you know, our metal birds are powder-coated - a procedure which can protect the material from the effect of weather. For more information, powder coating is a dry coating procedure that is usually applied as a metal finish on industrial equipment. Powder coating can be applied as a dry powder by electrostatic techniques and then dried with heat. It is well-known for giving high-quality finishes in terms of utility as well as visual appeal. This is why our art can not rust and release any toxins which can do harm to your trees. Don’t worry about the chemicals used while our birds are powder-coated, these chemicals have been certified and really safe or have any influence on the environment. 

The importance here is not to make too many holes with a large size and depth. We both know that to damage a tree, we have to reach the core, our products only need to go about 2-3 cm into the tree which is the bark part. The shape of the tip also is an important part, with a cylindrical object like a nail when applying a strong force on it, this can cause the trunk to crack. Afcultures birds have been exhaustive to make it free-poison to your tree, so that’s why the tip is thin and rounded. When you first hang it on your tree, you may see sap but that’s normal and it will heal soon. Even our products are safe for trees but for the best growth of trees, choose the older tree with a big trunk. 

Many of our customers have given positive feedback about these products. 

“This bird is awesome. The red coloring is just beautiful. I can't wait to put him up. Thanks so much.” said Cathy C.

“I bought two of these, the powder coating is great and the red really makes it pop. The cardinal was perfect, it was my school mascot, so I got one for a classmate as well.” - Connie Rullison. 

Our wonderful architects have created this gorgeous gift by heart with a hope that you will be sacrificed. We hope this can reduce anxiety for you. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us!