This is us-Story of AFbirds

Amidst sprawling, green landscapes and underneath an endless clear sky, I spent a happy and beautiful childhood with birds. I would hear playful chirrups coming from their branches. Their delicate features and unique songs captured my young heart and imagination. Suddenly, I became fascinated by these beautiful creatures. So, I began sketching their silhouettes on paper hoping that one day my sketches would be made into something that would last for years and bring joy to people.

Two years ago, with my great passion for metal and art, I moved to the city to set up my own business named Afcultures. After settling down, I realized that in the city there are still trees and lakes, but where are the birds? I miss the feeling of immersing myself in nature with birds and their beautiful feathers and songs. That’s when I decided to kick off a project that could somehow relive my childhood memories with birds and also bring a new fresh charm to the city environment. With my experience in producing metal signs with my own brand Afcultures, I opt for a product named Afbirds that simulate birds made of metal and then put them up on trees for decorations.

Flying High Projects - Afbirds 

As initially, Afbirds was founded around the delightful and pure joy of living close to nature. Afbirds is about beautiful sculptures of birdies that would definitely put smiles on people’s faces each time looking at it.

Meanings of Afbird Metal Art


Our custom sign of birds reminds us of the past, and it can be interpreted in many ways. It is built to make people remember those who pass away and to honor them, but they also are built to commemorate or celebrate an event. Whether you’re spreading holiday cheer, celebrating the arrival of a new season, or sharing a positive message, our metal garden art is the perfect addition.

Nature and Harmony

Afbirds collection aims to bring the magical, natural gifts of childhood home into modern life. Our metal sign captures the unique, significant features of the birds from my childhood and allows people who have perhaps never noticed these birds to actually enjoy seeing them, sitting proudly, outside their home. Modern life causes us to forget how beautiful and important the natural world is to humans and that’s something I hope Afbirds would encourage us to return to.

Environment Awareness

As well as a poignant, Afbirds highlights the importance of preserving and protecting nature and the species that call it home. Afbirds preserve the enchanting nostalgia and happiness of childhood while also protecting the very birds within the artwork. Afbirds aims to remind people that environmental protection and animal protection have to be priorities for the future.

Now, with my dedicated design team, every art piece of bird is produced with care and precision. By casting them in long-lasting metal where everyone can see them all the time, they will fly high and sing loud forever, spreading their magic all over our life.

Every Purchase Make A Difference

With each of your purchases, we will donate a part of the revenue to wildlife conservation and environmental organizations. We as a part of a worldwide community of people who care about birds and conservation, hope to make a difference that somehow helps create a better world for both birds and people.