Top 7 shopping tips for Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales

Top 7 Shopping Tips for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

When are Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year?

Black Friday is on the fourth Friday of November - the day following Thanksgiving. This year that day is November 26th. And on November 29th, it will be followed by Cyber Monday. 

Those discounts could begin as soon as November starts, so during this time of the year, our heads filled with the promise of scoring the very best price on items on our wish list. And as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it’s better to minimize in-store visits and opt for shopping online. 

Although many deals seem like fantastic bargains, it’s still easy to be fooled. Our top 7 Black Friday shopping tips below will help you find the best offers and avoid overspending on this occasion.

Tip #1: Make a plan and a budget

It’s really easy to get caught up in the excitement of doorbuster specials available and you will end up buying unnecessary stuff. Decide ahead of time how much is your budget for Black Friday, stick to your limit, and avoid impulse buying.

As the pandemic has accelerated the shift to online spending, many of us tend to use credit cards to pay for purchases. It may be convenient but there are things that you need to carefully consider. There is always a potential risk of having your payment information stolen when it comes to shopping via e-commerce sites or mobile apps since no website is 100% secure. Therefore, you must practice caution and only use known trusted sites. 

Tip #2: Write down your to-buy list

Have you ever gone to a store with a specific item in mind to buy but ended up purchasing more stuff than what you’ve intended to? To avoid buying on impulse and hurt your wallet, it’s better to focus on the stuff on your shopping list.

Tip #3: Research prices in advance

Checking prices in the run-up to Black Friday is essential for determining whether the deals are good or not. The same is true for Cyber Monday, which has stretched into a week of online specials. You can try dozens of websites that list the current prices at various outlets such as Google Shopping. To get ready, remember to sign up for deal alerts and if you want some dope metal wall arts at the rock-bottom price from Afcultures, sign up your email >>here<< to get the latest special offers.    

Furthermore, web-savvy shoppers usually add browser extensions on Chrome and Firefox to customize their browsing experience. And if you find the deal is good enough, you should add items to your shopping cart so you can find them again quickly and ready to set to order.

Tip #4: Start early

Starting to shop early this year will be a good strategy since deals are kicked off early and hot products usually sold out quickly. Retailers will limit the availability of the very best doorbuster deals so ensure your checkout with ease by checking your payment information and shipping are up to date. Take notice and anticipate early Black Friday 2021 from your trusted retailers to snag your deals on the products. During this sale, retailers will be hosting a wide range of deals both weeklong and one-day sales so it is better for you to do a little research in advance and maybe round up the deals from big stores.

Tip #5: Skip the in-store and shop online

Online buying is worth considering not only for coupon codes and saving on gas but also for reasons extending far beyond that.  First, your odds of finding the exact thing you want will skyrocket. Personalizing your gifts or decoration items will not be a problem anymore. If you’re looking for, say, a metal art portrait of your own furry friend come along with their lovely name engraved on it, Afcultures can help you with that.

Turned Pet to Metal Art -Custom Pet Steel Monogram

Turned Pet to Metal Art -Custom Pet Steel Monogram

Second, big holiday preparation takes a lot of energy, you will have a list of daunting tasks like walking around, fighting crowds, and loading/unloading your merchandise. Online shopping lets you recoup much better not just for your physical health but also for your time.

Cybershopping will save you from not having to drive anywhere because online retailers have made it possible to complete checkout with just a few clicks. Meaning that it facilitates a faster shopping process. 

Tip #6: Follow your favorite brands on Social Media

Many retailers will offer special deals on their social media platforms and reward customers who like or follow them with special alerts to discounts. And of course texts, tweets and social media posts are an easy way to share BFCM shopping intel with your friends, too. If you’re interested in metal wall art and planning to elevate your space this holiday then don’t hesitate to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

Tip #7: Beware of the cheapest set

Super low-price doorbuster specials people in with visions of savings, but the sets - often from lesser-known brands - are not always worth the price. Keep in mind that some BFCM products may not be exactly what you expected.

Above are some simple tips you can use to get the best deals now and through the holiday season.

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Our picks for Black Friday deals

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