The term "sport bike" is a grab term that includes everything from everyday commuter bikes to truly monstrous vehicles. However, regardless of their practical uses, we are fascinated and enthralled by sports bikes when we see them. Many people consider sports bikes to be the ultimate, purest form of motorcycling. And the fact that doing so means sportsters have the most sophisticated engineering and technology all wrapped up in racy, graphic paintwork only adds to the attraction. So, to support you in your decision, we decided to create a list of our current Top 3 sports bikes. Hopefully, you'll find something to your liking here. If there is, we ensure you will not be disappointed…

Ducati V4S: The "New SBK" gearbox's first, second, and sixth gears have been lengthened over the 2021 version to provide faster acceleration as well as more top gear power and speed. A completely new Ohlins NPX 25/30 electronically controlled pressurized cartridge system in the front fork brings motorsports-grade equipment to the streets.

Kawasaki ZX-10R: The same 6-axis IMU and Kawasaki Intelligent ABS are visible in version 2022, as are the jackshaft (up and down) and continuously adjusting electronic throttle valves. This year, however, a redesigned cornering management system makes the bike even sharper in canyons and corners, and a fully enabled launch control system is standard rather than optional. This system employs the same anti-squat, anti-wheelie, and sport traction control system as the ZX-10RR, so you can be confident that with it enabled, you'll rocket off the line and not immediately loop the thing.

BMW S1000RR: It was designed with a 998cc inline-four engine, ABS as standard, Brembo brakes, Bosch electronics, and plush suspension, all wrapped up in an aerodynamic package. More powerful (204bhp now), lighter, sharper-steering, and more sophisticated, BMW's new flagship is also, surprisingly, easier to ride, more roomy, comfortable, and reassuring. The BMW stands out not just for its brute power and dynamism, but also for its real world road manners, prestige badge, classy dealer network, and decent residuals.

Hopefully, this list can help you make a decision in choosing the most suitable sport bike for you. Memories are created when you and your bike together might be the most memorable memories. Why don’t you turn those memories into something real like wall art? Afcultures.com is a place to make that come true. Just send us a photo or tell us your idea and our job is to finish it in a perfect way. Enjoy us now!