Extreme sports are popular among some people. People are attracted to extreme sports for the adrenaline rush and activity. Most of them, though, can be completed securely — mostly. However, there are exceptions. Here are the top 3 most entertaining, dangerous, and deadly sports on the planet.

Skiing: At a ski resort, people might imagine a variety of ways to die. While skiing down a ski hill, you may face an avalanche, strike a tree, fall into a tree well, or just hit the ground incorrectly. For winter adrenaline enthusiasts, skiing is perhaps the most severe activity available. We understand ‌many people are afraid of flying, yet flying is the safest–and least enjoyable–aspect of this sport. The best part is skiing downhill. That is, if you don't die in an accident, freeze to death in poor weather far from civilization, or fall over a cliff meanwhile.

Scuba diving: Scuba diving is the second most dangerous extreme activity in terms of mortality rate data. This sport isn't an adrenaline-pumping activity, but it is one of the most dangerous. You can't merely swim to the surface if you make a mistake; you have to escape the same way you entered. When scuba diving, you must contend with challenges such as becoming lost, running out of oxygen, enclosed areas, being stuck in the dark, and coping with problems caused by underwater currents.

Downhill mountain biking: The name is self-explanatory. When it comes to having a pleasant excursion into the woods, many individuals choose mountain biking. Downhill mountain biking is the extreme version, which involves speeding downhill and narrow mountain paths through precipices, rock formations, and trees. However, having too much fun can lead to serious injuries, brain and spinal injuries, organ damage, organ damage, and even death.

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