Led Neon Flex Strip Vs Traditional Glass Neon

What is LED Neon Flex?

Defining LED Neon Flex

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LED Neon Flex is a modern alternative to traditional glass neon lights. These neon LEDs are also known as LED neon or flex lights. The main difference between LED Neon Strip and traditional neon is that the former uses a transparent PVC strip instead of glass tubing. The structural features of LED Neon Flex consist of a strip with a transparent cover, circuit board, and silicone cover.

LED Neon Flex is a contemporary alternative to traditional neon lights, combining the flexibility and durability of PVC tubing with the energy efficiency and longevity of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). These lights are designed to mimic the allure and glow of classic neon, but with greater longevity, safety, and environmental efficiency.

The Mechanism Behind LED Neon Flex

LED Neon Flex lights operate using the principles of solid-state lighting. This technology involves the conversion of electricity into light using semiconductors (LEDs). When an electric current passes through the semiconductor material in the LEDs, it causes electrons to move and create photons-particles of light. This process is called electroluminescence.

Unlike traditional glass neon lights that require high voltage to excite the gas within the tube, LED Neon Strip lights can operate at much lower voltages. Moreover, they don’t generate heat or use harmful gases, making them safe and energy-efficient.

Construction and Design

LED Neon Flex consists of multiple LEDs enclosed within a robust and flexible PVC casing. This casing diffuses the light emitted by the LEDs, resulting in a consistent and bright glow that closely resembles the light from traditional neon. The casing also protects the LEDs from weather, impact, and other external factors, adding to the product’s durability and longevity.

The flexibility of LED Neon Strip is another key feature that sets it apart from traditional neon. You can bend these lights into various shapes, allowing for greater creative freedom in designing unique and complex lighting displays.

Benefits of LED Neon Flex

LED Neon Flex provides many advantages over traditional neon lights. They are more energy-efficient, delivering high luminous efficacy (lm/Watt). This means you get more light output for the same amount of energy consumed, reducing your energy costs in the long run.

LED Neon Flex lights also have a longer lifespan, typically around 30,000 – 50,000 hours, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Plus, they produce consistent brightness along their entire length, resulting in uniform and appealing lighting.

Moreover, LED Neon Strip lights are environmentally friendly as they do not contain harmful gases and have low heat emissions, reducing fire risks.

Lastly, due to their flexibility, LED Neon strip lights offer unlimited potential for innovative and intricate design. Their easy installation and low maintenance needs make them an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Differences Between LED Neon Flex and Neon Lights

LED Neon FlexTraditional Glass NeonLED Neon Benefits Over Glass Neon
Light SourceLEDs (Light Emitting Diodes)Neon gasSolid state technology, no gases
Input Voltage24V, 120V, 277VHigh voltage (3,000 to 15,000 volts)Safer lower voltage operation
Lifespan (hrs)Approximately 30,000 – 50,000 hoursApproximately 10,000 – 25,000 hoursLonger lifespan, fewer replacements needed
Lumens Depreciation (Rating)Slow degradation over timeRapid degradation after peak brightnessLonger peak brightness duration
EMI (Electro Magnet Interference)Minimal to NoneModerate to HighReduced interference with other electronic devices
Luminous Efficacy (Lm/Watt)Higher (up to 100-150 lm/W)Lower (Approximately 10-50 lm/W)More light output for same power input
Lm/FootHigherLowerGreater brightness per unit length
Environmental ConsiderationsEnergy efficient, no harmful gasesContains neon/argon gas, higher energy consumptionLower carbon footprint
InstallationEasy installation, less professional training requiredRequires professional installation, fragileLess labor-intensive and lower installation costs
FlexibilityHighly flexible, can be bent into complex shapesRigid, limited to simple shapesGreater design possibilities
DurabilityMore durable, resistant to shock and weatherFragile, prone to breakageLower maintenance and repair costs

At Afcultures, we’ve pioneered the integration of LED Neon Strip with our custom metal signs to bring your business to the forefront. Our product – the Custom Metal LED Sign – uniquely combines the energy efficiency and captivating glow of LED Neon Flex with the robustness and style of metal. This innovative signage solution fits seamlessly behind our metal signs of any shape or size. The installation is straightforward, and the lower voltage requirements ensure safety. The LED Strip, when positioned behind our Custom Metal LED Sign, illuminates its contours, creating an eye-catching halo effect. It’s an excellent choice for businesses seeking an eco-friendly and attention-grabbing signage solution that leverages Afcultures‘ cutting-edge technology.

Simplifying Installation with LED Neon Flex

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Afcultures takes the complexity out of the equation with our pre-installed LED Neon Flex technology. Unlike traditional neon lights that require professional installation and high voltage, our custom metal signs arrive with LED Neon Strip already securely fitted. Operating at a safer, lower voltage, all that’s required from you is to plug the sign into your power source. The inherent flexibility of LED Neon Strip Flex means it adapts seamlessly to the contours of our metal signs, creating a vibrant, uniform glow. AFCultures’ goal is to make your journey to exceptional signage as smooth and convenient as possible.


As the world of lighting evolves, LED Strip stands at the forefront as a superior, eco-friendly, and efficient alternative to traditional neon lights. With its innovative design, enhanced flexibility, and impressive durability, it represents a significant upgrade in both functionality and aesthetics. At Afcultures, we’re proud to incorporate this cutting-edge technology into our custom metal signs, offering a turnkey solution that combines style, convenience, and performance. The lower voltage requirements, long lifespan, and energy efficiency of our LED Neon Strip lighting solutions provide substantial cost savings and safety benefits, making it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. By choosing Afcultures, you’re not just buying a sign; you’re investing in a brighter, safer, and more sustainable future.

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