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What do Neon Metal Signs Possess that Neon Acrylic Signs Lack?

If you want to update your living space or showcase your business with an eye-catching sign that is not only unique but also long-lasting, metal signs will be the best option. In order to make your living space unique, make your business more eye-catching, more than that, custom neon metal signs also show your style and creative ideas in a complete, detailed and beautiful way. The idea is yours, let Afcultures take care of it. We provide a price comparison section at the end of the article If you want to know more about the prices between different types of neon signs.

Reasons to Choose Metal Signage Over Acrylic Signs

Why choose neon metal signs instead of neon acrylic signs? Among the options for your signage, we give you a few reasons to confidently choose Metal Signs for your intentions. If you choose custom neon metal signs, Afcultures is committed to being a reputable brand that brings you quality products that meet your requirements.

Metal Signs are more Eco-Friendly than Acrylic Signs

  1. Durability: Neon Metal signs are known for their durability and longevity. They can withstand various weather conditions and are less prone to damage, warping, or fading compared to other sign materials. This means they have a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and the associated waste generation.
  2. Recyclability: Metal signs can be melted down and reused to create new products, reducing the demand for raw materials and energy-intensive extraction processes.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Metal signs often require less energy for production compared to signs made from materials like plastics (Neon Acrylic signs). Metal fabrication processes, such as cutting, shaping, and finishing, can be more energy-efficient, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.
  4. Environmental Impact: Metal signs typically have a lower environmental impact compared to materials like PVC or other plastics (Neon Acrylic signs), which can emit harmful chemicals during manufacturing and disposal. Metal signs do not release toxic substances into the environment, making them a cleaner and safer option.

Metal Signs Stand out whether it’s Day or Night

Unlike acrylic signs, neon metal signs can stand out even in daylight without depending on LED lights. Usually, a metal sign stands out even in daylight thanks to the sturdy material, the detailed surface being clearly laser cut. During the day, neon metal signs do not need to rely on LED lights to stand out. Neon Acrylic signs are the opposite, because they are made of plastic or on the surface of transparent plastic, so they need to be connected to a power source for luminescence to appear clearly. This makes it difficult for businesses that want their billboards to appear outdoors and to stand out during the day. Custom neon metal signs fully meet the requirements when both can attract the attention of passersby during the day and can glow at night. When it comes to promoting your business, standing out from the competition is crucial. One way to achieve this is through the use of metal signs. Metal signs have a timeless appeal that can elevate your brand and make it stand out whether it’s day or night.

Coming to Afcultures, you have choices depending on your needs. We are committed to providing a sign with 2 options: with lights or without lights. Since the material is metal, we can confidently provide you with a product that stands out day or night.

Source: Afcultures

Metal Signs Are Weather-Resistant

Outdoor logo billboards for businesses can efficiently attract pedestrians. When businesses use logos outside to market their products or services, the weather-resistant feature of metal signs satisfies this purpose. When it comes to outdoor signs advertising, metal signs are a popular choice due to their durability and weather-resistant properties. These signs are resistant to rain, wind, snow, and extreme temperatures due to the use of high-quality metals such as iron, aluminum, steel, or brass. Unlike wood or neon acrylic signs, which can fade or deform in extreme environments, metal signs retain their original appearance for years without substantial harm.

At Afcultures, we offer you a sign that meets your durability requirements. We source 16 gauges of high-quality steel for your custom metal art, powder coated painting for outdoor use. Our custom metal signs can help your business get the attention of passersby and connect with potential customers in the future as well as enhance your business image both outdoors or indoors.

Metal Signs Are Weather-Resistant
Source: Afcultures

Detailed and Sturdy Surface Shaping

Unlike custom acrylic signs or custom logo on plastic material, when you choose neon metal signs, your logo will be clearly sculpted with details from a piece of iron. It’s like you cut and draw on paper. Instead of plastic surfaces, details cut on metal surfaces will have a much sturdy and more durable shape.

To create magnificent, detailed designs, our expert team combines traditional craftsmanship with the precision of laser cutting technology. Afcultures diligently supervise every stage of the manufacturing process, instructing that each piece is expertly constructed and finished to the greatest degree.

Detailed and Sturdy Surface Shaping
Source: Afcultures

Metal Signs Provide a Professional Appearance

Metal signs are a highly effective way to advertise and build your brand. Neonmetal signs offer a sleek and professional look that other materials simply cannot match. They are durable, long-lasting, and provide a professional appearance that is perfect for businesses of all sizes. Unlike acrylic signs, metal signs can withstand harsh weather conditions without fading or deteriorating over time. The sturdy surface of metal allows for detailed shaping and customization, making it easy to create unique designs that stand out from the competition. While neon metal signs have a professional feel, acrylic signs are dependent on mains light and can only stand out in the dark.

Meet all the criteria and make your business look outstanding, professional, Afcultures offers services including Custom Logo & Branding and Custom Neon Signs.

Custom SIgns quicktechatv
Custom Business Neon Signs

Let Afcultures Refresh Your Living and Working Space

Custom Metal Signs From Your Pictures

Your home space will become more ideal if you add a metal sign on the wall. Especially when Afcultures provides Custom Metal Wall Art service from your images. We offer LED light backlit and No light options depending on customer needs. What’s more unique than leaving a visual impression of metal wall art?

Metal Sign Customized
Custom Outdoor metal signs

Modern Neon Signs

Modern neon signs are now widely used in a variety of industries, from restaurants and bars to retail stores and art galleries. Their popularity is only expected to grow as more businesses recognize the power of this distinctive advertising medium. With their vibrant colors and eye-catching designs, they offer a unique way for businesses to stand out from the competition. In addition to serving business purposes for businesses, LED lights also make your private space interesting and express your personal identity. This is also one of the ways to relax and create a comfortable feeling in your own space.

Designer and design team at Afcultures work directly with you to bring your ideas to reality. Our approach begins with an idea request, which is followed by quote information and a discussion of your preferences. Our design team develops a digital mockup for file preview, making any necessary changes to guarantee the best possible outcome. We manufacture high-quality, long-lasting, and vivid LED signs.

Neon Sign Business review
Business Signs By Afcultures

Afcultures Offers Signs Available by Theme

We provide various types of signs available according to the needs of customers. Use for outdoor or indoor decoration and shop decor. There are also signs templates available by occasion (everyday, upcoming, seasons)

Neon Metal sign Review
Source: Afcultures

Comparison Between Neon Metal Signs and Neon Acrylic Signs

FactorNeon Metal SignsNeon Acrylic Signs
For Example Size24″24″
MaterialsMetal Acrylic panel
Design ComplexityEasy to customize with laser cutCan not customize small details
Mounting OptionsWall-mounted, freestanding, etc.Wall-mounted, depends on the power supply
MaintenanceRequires periodic maintenanceLow maintenance
Customization OptionsWide range of customization optionsWide range of customization options
Energy EfficiencyRelatively higher energy efficiencyRelatively lower energy efficiency
LifespanLifetimeTypically 8,000 – 15,000 hours

At Afcultures, we offer you a wide choice of a metal sign. You can customize according to your requirements, according to the available images. With metal color options, LED light backlit or no light,… In addition, we have themed metal signs available.


When you are wondering between many choices with requirements of durability, high aesthetics, along with environmentally friendly products, Afcultures will satisfy you. At Afcultures you can unleash your creativity. We guarantee to provide you with a high quality product that is meticulously handcrafted, with a wide range of decorative options to suit the needs of your space. Afcultures confidently affirms that with modern technology and dedication, you will be satisfied with quality products that are suitable for money.

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